Jan 27 2006

Roads taken, and not taken

It’s raining out and I’ve spent the last cent I have and can borrow on a room. I just coughed, and (as I sometimes do now that I’m over 50) I soiled my pants. And, I wondered, “What am I going to do?” as I remembered there are no toilets for the homeless in this Continue reading →

Jan 13 2006

Tough Love is abuse disguised as compassion.

Posted by J. Craig Canada in church groups, page smith, Twelve Step Groups

I only got 4 days on the church group (after staying in a motel for nearly a month) before Ron told me I had to “go to the armory”. This was after I’d arrived at the Concentration Camp about 2pm, and STOOD for nearly an hour to be in line and sign up at 3pm. Continue reading →

Jan 12 2006

The beating goes on…

Posted by J. Craig Canada in motels, Santa Cruz

I just checked, and the last tim I posted was December 19th. Well…I did post once after that, but not in any detail about what was going on with me. I stayed in a motel from before Thanksgiving till, pretty much now. Seems everytime I went to the lot and stood around for an hour Continue reading →