Dec 19 2005

The Buds of Wrath

Posted by J. Craig Canada in church groups, shelter

Well, I finally made it back to the Concentration Camp last week, and one of the first things I learned is that the day I addressed the City Council, last Tuesday, was the day Marcus announced a new policy. After everyone had signed up he told half of them they had to go to the armory. The excuse was that he wanted ‘more people’ to have an opportunity to go on the Church Groups.

Howard, Randy, and several others told me they had to get hotel rooms…

Why did he cancel one of the men’s groups (there were 2 men’s groups all summer) when the armory opened if he wants ‘more people’ to be able to go on them? And piss off most of the churches in the process?

Especially when it costs twice as much to warehouse people at the armory as it does on the church groups. The Church Groups could provide shelter for 72 as they were during the summer if they were administered properly and anyone gave a damn. There were two men’s groups, a women’s group and a families’ group with a bus that has a capacity of 18…

The armory can shelter about 100. And I’ve heard the SOLDIERS at the armory are pretty hostile.

You know, I didn’t expect to be welcomed in Santa Cruz as a conquering hero, or a prodigal son, or anything at all really. But I did not expect to be run out of town. Not the town that gave away marijuana at City Hall on national TV.

I didn’t expect to be set up, and then robbed and terrorized and thrown out on the street, losing damn near everything I have including the cat. And then turned away from every service and resource because they’re all ‘clean & sober’.

And then told to go to Watsonville.

Well, the Watsonville Salvation Army people made a point of telling me (at Jack-In-The-Box) that they would pray for God to save me from Medical Marijuana, and in the meantime I could die in the street for all they cared. They didn’t SAY I could “die in the street for all they cared”, but the implication was clear.

I was told at 10 am on Saturday morning to leave MHCAN (Mental Health Community Action Network…or something like that) because they ‘smelled marijuana’. Someone walked up to me and said, “I smell marijuana. You have to leave. It’s against the rules.”

You see, at the MHCANN and everywhere else it’s against the rules to be UNDER THE INFLUENCE of illegal drugs, and they all interpret marijuana to be an illegal drug.

Well, I won’t be going back there. It’s not a healthy place anyway. Too many drugs.

Seroquel, methadone, vioxx, seconal… you can have anything you want at the dozens of SLEs (Sober Living Environments) in Santa Cruz, courtesy of generous government grants, but you can’t smoke a joint.

Well, you can. You just can’t tell the truth about it. I am getting pretty damn tired of being told by people who are paid a salary by the government and live in nice homes and drive nice cars, purportedly so they can help me the destitute and homeless, that the problem is me because I won’t lie to have a roof over my head.

Excuse me, but you ain’t sober on that shit, I don’t care what your sponsor and Uncle Sam (or is it Daddy Warbucks?) tell you.

And I ain’t your co.

And Hypocrisy and Prejudice are not rivers in Mesopotamia.

And shouldn’t you be doing your own damn 4th step?

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