Dec 21 2005

A blast from the past.

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The episode where I didn’t go to town with Bea, Sue & Agnes came to mind today.

Grandma hated the Allreds, even though she would let me go up to the old house and visit with Sue, Bea & Agnes. And when I was a child they decided they would take me with them to town, to the farmers market.

This was about the time I began to ask questions about the ancestors and where they came from. I know Agnes told me their daddy was prominent and their mamma’s daddy was very prominent. I can remember the pride with which Aunt Agnes mentioned the Rome Mercantile Company.

She told me her daddy had ‘the commissary’ and that he bought wholesale from his wife’s father and sold retail.

That’s one of the things she told me when I asked her how he made money.

And I remember when Agnes made her comment about them being prominent that Sue piped up and said, “Oh, yes. Was a time nothing of any account happened around here that we didn’t have to be there.”

And so they asked me if I’d like to go to the farmers market with them.

Well, grandma hit the ceiling. I do remember a comment about her not letting them take her grandson to town peddling. And something about people only buying the shrivelled up old vegetables out of pity…

…but for some reason I ended up going. We got in the car and Sue was driving.

As we crossed the bridge toward the state highway, a truck came speeding down the one-lane dirt road. I can still see Sue’s white knuckles grabbing the steering wheel as she brought us to a halt in the middle of the road and the truck, after appearing to head straight for us so that Sue couldn’t go around, plowed into one of my grandfather’s fields.

Turns out it was either one of grandma’s brothers or nephews on his way to see her. And he was so sorry. He went to get grandpa with his tractor and they pulled his truck out, and he payed grandpa quite well, to show how sorry he was.

And grandma sewed day and night for weeks.

In response to my last outburst, Anonymous wrote:

So, you’re homeless but you can afford a brand new laptop? And a few days in a hotel?

Hmmmm…something does not add up there.

Sounds to me like maybe you could afford an apartment for a few months for what you spent on your new toy and a hotel room.

You wouldn’t be lying to the social workers about your finances in order to take advantage of the taxpayers would you?

Dear Anonymous:

I can certainly understand why you don’t want to use a real email address or name. I get Social Security Disability. If you thought for just one minute before spouting off it might have occurred to you that no matter how much I get it could not be 3 times the rent in this area…for anything.

If you’d bother to just investigate a little before spouting off, maybe just click some of those links up at the top of the page, you’d also know I have an unlawful detainer. That means nothing managed by any professional management agency in California will rent to me.

As for lying to some imagined social worker…huh? What social worker? (Not that I want one.)

Speaking of social workers…the last thing this world needs is an other damn parasite drawing a fat check exploiting the homeless.

But what I really want to know is when did I cease to become a taxpayer. I have to pay a TEN PER CENT TAX in this town in order to have a bed, a door, and a toilet. I paid several hundred dollars into the CITY taxes in the last month alone.

In fact, a number of those cheap hotels in the flats would go out of business if it weren’t for the homeless being forced to pay their checks for a couple of weeks out of the weather – and some privacy. I would dearly loved to see brave Anonymous tolerate 6 months of being constantly in public, and having to cope with the behavior at the Concentration Camp, and stand for hours to wait for a place to sleep at night.

When it comes to Compassion, this town wrote the book.

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