Dec 21 2005

A blast from the past.

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The episode where I didn’t go to town with Bea, Sue & Agnes came to mind today. Grandma hated the Allreds, even though she would let me go up to the old house and visit with Sue, Bea & Agnes. And when I was a child they decided they would take me with them to Continue reading →

Dec 19 2005

The Buds of Wrath

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Well, I finally made it back to the Concentration Camp last week, and one of the first things I learned is that the day I addressed the City Council, last Tuesday, was the day Marcus announced a new policy. After everyone had signed up he told half of them they had to go to the Continue reading →

Dec 05 2005

Is there an angel in the house?

I’m still in the hotel room. I guess I haven’t been able to bring myself to leave. It has been, after all, the 2nd Anniversary of having my life kicked to pieces by Bonita and the San Bernardino Sheriffs. And let’s not forget the courts. This is truly the first time in years I’ve had Continue reading →

Dec 01 2005

Gimme Shelter

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I’ve been sitting in a hotel room for a week now. Me and my new laptop. Getting it was an ordeal. I tried ordering online at the library, but an hour just wasn’t enough to do it right. I’d been thinking about it for months… But before I digress into a long tale of woe Continue reading →