Nov 01 2005

Sim City

Posted by J. Craig Canada in church groups, laptop, motels

The snoring was more than I could take last night, so about eleven o’clock, after trying to sleep for a couple of hours, I moved my pad outside. It was cold and clear last night.

I slept outside last Saturday as I didn’t get on the Church Group. And the Saturday before last, though that night I got a hotel room. Ended up charging about $100 that day. And then a couple of days later I rented a car (a PT Cruiser) and went to Hayward. Took me about as long driving as it does to take the bus.

And speaking of the buses, the strike has been declared over and they are supposed to begin running on Thursday.

I’ve heard the Church groups are funded through December 31st…

Bob was first on the list for the Shelter, but he took it off the other day he told me.

Myself, I spend most of my time playing SimCity.

The City Council passed an ordinance last week squarely putting it at odds with the federal government over marijuana. I have been trying to post some news articles about it this morning (while playing SimCity) but the cookies aren’t working right on this computer.

When I don’t have a computer to work on I can think of so much to do, but once I get in here I can’t really work. Having to go outside for a cigarette completely disrupts my work habits. And lately, here in Santa Cruz, there aren’t even any ashtrays anywhere I can smoke – I think they must spend a lot of time thinking of ways to make smokers miserable here. I can’t remember the last time I was able to put a cigarette in an ashtray and do something else with my hands while I smoked.

I need to get my recommendation renewed before December – which will probably end up costing me another $200. Most likely I’ll need to make an overnight trip to San Francisco. I have though about getting Dr. Sterner in El Cajon to do it, but his office fee and the trip would cost $500 and take several days.

Well, it’s getting to be almost one pm, time for me to begin to head back to the Concentration Camp so I can be back there at 2:30 to stand in line for half an hour until 3:00 to sign up to sleep on a church floor – or outside some church’s patio. From now till nine or ten o’clock in the morning there is absolutely nothing productive I can do. And when the town begins to wake up and come alive, like now, my day is over.

Santa Cruz is just as prejudiced and bigoted as anywhere else, it’s just that they’re prejudiced and bigoted against the poor. No one townsperson (one that isn’t homeless) has befriended me the entire time I’ve been here.

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