Sep 23 2005

Worse than Narcs


Well, Overgrow allowed Loretta to libel me, and then banned me before I could respond.

Here is the link to the Overgrow thread:

And here is a link to a copy I made, in case they change it:

Well, her charges are lies, totally false and it appears Emery now owns all the online forums.

Seems the only way they can maintain a good image is to ban any and everyone that doesn’t cheer their every move.

Anyone that spends just a few minutes looking around my site would know that everything she said was a malicious lie.

You know, there were a couple of things I wanted to write about today, but by the time I got to a computer they had left my mind.

It has occurred to me over the last couple of days, for instance, that as terrible as it is to be homeless, sleeping on church floors and living out of a backpack – it’s not nearly as stressful as any previous living situations I’ve been in…for years and years and years.

Being constantly surrounded by the insane, the criminal and the addicted and detoxing is not nearly as bad as the roommates, neighbors and landlords I’ve had over the past ten years – since I was convicted of two felonies for sales and possession for sales of less than an ounce of marijuana. And that was how long ago it was that Tod Mikuriya testified as an expert witness at my trial as to the nature of my disability and that he would recommend cannabis to treat it – Loretta. It’s been that long that I have tried to do one thing: grow my own, provide my own medicine – and fight for the rights of medical patients. It has cost me everything I have and this is what I get for it:

Oh, so you saw something on a site run by someone who was angry at Marc and swallowed it hook, line and sinker and now, for being so stupid, you have a lawsuit coming your way.

Just like you to blame others for your stupidity, ignorance and willful laziness.

You are nothing but a welfare pig swilling at the trough of American taxpayers money.

If you have the energy to expend trolling the internet looking for an opportunity to be malcontent, even when it is detrimental to your wishes, then surely you have the energy to work a regular job and quit swilling at the trough of the American taxpayer.

Here in Alabama if you have the internet/cable then you can be disqualified from receiving food stamps. Or at the very least your food stamp allotment will be reduced. Is this the case in California?

I believe I will endeavour to find out. If you can afford to run your pie hole online then that is a good $40 a month American taxpayers should not have to pay for your lazy ungrateful ass to eat on our dime.

Be gone with you malcontant socialist swine. You are the epitome what is wrong with this country.

Now that I’ve been banned from Overgrow and everything’s been taken from me, even a place to sleep, Loretta and Emery have a pretty clear field to exploit amd abuse, just as they’ve abused me…

…how any of our organizations could not condemn her, much less support her, is beyond me.

Especially after this:

Does the thought of getting nailed for food stamp fraud scare you? I bet it does. That you should have to work for a living is probably about more than you can stand. Lazy Welfare pig!

As for tboats question about socialism….I am TOTALLY AGAIINST SOCIALISM.

The federal government has too much control over our daily lives already. Socialism would give them total control and that is not an option.

Socialist activists though are generally very motivated and active in the cause and I agree with you tboat that they are against the drug war. I work with a large number of them.

I disagree that alerting the California authorities that someone might possibly be committing food stamp fraud is “snitching”. That kind of fraud costs all of us money that we could use to feed our own families.

I am not againist this kind of aid for the elderly and infirm but Criag is neither. He is simply a hateful, miserable soul who draws negative attention to himself by attacking others.

He should not act so surprised that someone has finally gotten a bait of it and has taken action.

Indeed, if anyone else had said this about a medical cannabis patient they would have called a news conference and staged protests…

But gloves are off now PSB and I am simply going to bury your whiney, negative, oh I am such a helpless victim who thinks the world should wipe my ass everytime I take a dump, ass under the equivalent of the Titanic in legal action.

People hate you for good reason…hell your own mother even hates your guts and refuses to let you move back home with her. And that says a lot. A boy who is so fucking black hearted and rotten his own mother don’t even want him.

Normally I would feel sympathy for someone whose own mother doesn’t want them….but in your case I feel damn near gleeful at such a cold thought.

You’ll die alone with nothing but a mountain of legal bills and paperwork as witnesses to your passing and a testament to your legacy of spreading hate which is slightly more than you deserve.

Boy…further helping you self destruct is going to be grand fun.
Who’s got the popcorn?

Well cousin Loretta will be happy to know that I no longer have healthcare and am pre-diabetic, along with everything else. Seems the government increased my disability (go argue my 100% disability with the U.S. government you lying damn bitch) by $3/month and so now instead of having a zero ‘share of cost’/month (like an insurance premium) I have a $431 ‘share of cost’/month. Well, that just means I won’t be able to afford the metformin, much less a doctor, or any care for my diabetes. Neither will I be able to afford the antifungal and antibacterial creams necessary to keep my feet healthy enough to walk the hours a day you are forced to travel as a homeless person in Santa Cruz.

Nor does it seem important to Loretta that I can’t get into any subsidized housing because of the marijuana. Nor did a single one of our so-called organizations find this important enough to help – not even in publicity.

So I wish to thank NORML, ASA, AMMA, and everyone else for completely ignoring this:

Brief of Defendant CMB 11396

and this:

Appeal Rehearing Request CIV A.1197

With a little publicity and support I, most likely, could have established the right of medical cannabis patients to grow their own in California without being evicted, but evidently all our organizations thought it was MUCH more important to protect the retailers, the clubs, the exploiters – I guess it’s because they’re the only ones that have the money to make donations.

My supply will be gone soon, and I sure as Hell can’t afford to buy it from a club at $400 or more an ounce. And I sure as Hell don’t intent to spend my time fighting for their right to exploit me.

With a little help I could have filed a civil suit against San Bernardino county, written it myself if I had to and made a real difference in that county, if not the state…but no one wanted to help me do that either. Instead I moved from one untenable situation to another, spending all my money as one after another so-called friend and ‘activist’ in the movement attempted to exploit me and or make me their ‘minion’.

Snickers was absolutley the worst – I was recalling just this morning how she got fired from Tainted for being such a bitch – and then they took her back because she was the only supply they had for their ‘product’ (trim/shake).

I guess since Emery is the only one that gives money to any of our organizations, only his sycophants get any of their help…

…and speaking of his sycophants, it was Otis who banned me – their real name and situation I suppose I’ll never know. And the reason they gave for banning me was that they had banned me before.

When I think of all the money and support Loretta has had, and what a sorry shambles the whole thing is, and what I could have done with that money and support and good-will – what damn near anything else could have done…there is no Hell damning enough for her and Emery and their band of cut-throat, lying, back-stabbing sycophants as far as I’m concerned.

They are worse than narcs.

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