Sep 26 2005

Never try to teach a pig to sing…


…it annoys the pig and makes you look foolish.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, like that email Ray Carlson sent me attacking me for criticizing Emery & Co in the AAMC list. I’d forgotten about it until I moved in with he & Jane. But it makes a twisted kind of sense now…

…and being threatened and screamed at by Jane’s thugs, Dustin & Big Mike – “You’re Through!!! Finished!!! Faggot!!! Say you’re through!!! Say it!!! Faggot!!! Don’t tell anyone anything!!!”

Yes, while I was waiting to get the brakes fixed on the Volvo for 3 days Patrick was disposing of what was left of my possessions, including the cat.

Well, though I’ve been banned again by Otis on Overgrow, MPoA is still there:

I really laugh when I hear that prince clown title.
‘specially when it was first bestowed by a news organization in the states. A news organization probably controled by the DEA or NSA or FBI or CIA or homoland security or some secreat skulk and boners organization. Probably bestowed to sow some discord amongst the ranks of the Marijuana Party of Canada.

head pirate of a seedly seed sale corporation does not do it. Nor does self proclamation, unless your head of a Nation, like the Democratic Nation of Antarctica.

Bob told me the other day the church groups would end November 15th unless someone comes up with the $61,000 needed for the winter Interfaith Sattlelite Shelter Project. And I lost my healthcare. Seems I got $3/month more and so now my Medical share of cost is $431 when it was $0. Leave it to the government to declare that because I get $3 more per month I can pay $431 more…

…one of the last things Dennis said to me before he left for England was that they’d have killed him if he’d really tried to make marijuana legal.

Well, nevermind that medical patients in California can be fired from their jobs and evicted from their homes – MPP is announcing grants in 6 states to get marijuana taxed and regulated like alcohol:

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