Sep 26 2005

Never try to teach a pig to sing…

…it annoys the pig and makes you look foolish. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, like that email Ray Carlson sent me attacking me for criticizing Emery & Co in the AAMC list. I’d forgotten about it until I moved in with he & Jane. But it makes a twisted kind of Continue reading →

Sep 23 2005

Worse than Narcs

Loretta Nall tells a medical marijuana patient that in Alabama one can lose their food stamps if they have internet access and threatens to try to get them disqualified because she doesn’t like what they say on Overgrow.

Sep 22 2005


Posted by J. Craig Canada in loretta nall, scott imler, websites

Well, they did to me what they did to Scott Imler, in spades. Now Loretta Nall has accused me of food stamp fraud and etc. on Overgrow and they banned me – I can’t even respond. This is unbelievable.

Sep 12 2005

The Bums of Santa Cruz

The mornings have been crisp and clear the past couple of days, with no fog. The pattern for the past several months has been clear cool mornings that got cold as the sun came up and the wind blew the fog in off the ocean. During June, July and August it was foggy until 11 Continue reading →