Jul 11 2005

The Poor House

Posted by J. Craig Canada in shelter, Twelve Step Groups, wamm, web publishing

I’ve been able to sleep indoors since the last message.

The Supreme Court ruled against freedom and inalienable rights and struck down the injunction against federal raids of medical marijuana patients and providers. It was 6 to 3, with the so-called liberal judges in the majority, and upholding the Controlled Substances Act.

Sandra Day O’Conner retired, and Rehnquist is ill, so Bush will get to appoint at least two lackies.

There were 4 terrorist bombings in London a couple of days ago.

Life at the homeless yard continues. About it I’m fond of saying, “I must have died and gone to Hell.”

It’s been nearly 4 months now I’ve been homeless. I guess the shock is beginning to wear off and I’m beginning to adjust to the situation. A number of veteran homeless have been very kind to me. Estimates of the homeless population here – a town of about 55,000 – are around 3,000. The cook at the shelter tells me he prepares 100 meals at the beginning of the month and 250 meals towards the end.

There are people, some I’ve met, who’ve been homeless for years, as many as 7 years – camping in the surrounding Pogonip Wilderness. Where I’m currently sleeping – in a room with 4 bunk beds housing 8 men – is largely mentally ill drug addicts in a 90-day recovery program.

AA claims a 3 in 10 success rate, and I think this is inflated. The success rate for addicts/alcoholics with mental illnes is 1 in 10. People go round and round and round these programs.

I guess I’m lucky all I’ve lost is a pair of scissors.

There are no busses on the weekends, and we must be out of the shelter by 8 in the morning. And they don’t let us back in until after 3:30. Usually, later.

WAMM has a march scheduled for the 16th at noon and I plan to be there. Oh, and the governor has halted the state’s ID card system because he’s afriad it might conflict with federal law. Some cowardly nonsense about aiding and abetting…

I’m almost completely cut off from the news – they have AA meetings 4 nights a week at the shelter, so the common room is unavailable during the evening….and when one can watch television the competition for control of the remote isn’t worth it.

The marijuana convictions and unlawful detainer have closed every door, and I truly hate this government and despise its people for allowing things to get to this point. I cannot rent an apartment, or go to school, or get a job….and everything has been stolen from me.

The medical marijuana movement is corrupt from top-to-bottom (The Corrals & WAMM being among a very few notable exceptions). And the computer I’m paying 50 cents to use is so damn slow that I have to wait a few seconds after I type every word ….

…and it’s only available from 9 am til 2 pm 4 days a week.

They had a free concert at the beach Friday night, but it was over by the time I could get there from the shelter. I often wonder if I wouldn’t be better off out in the woods with a tent. That is the choice most make.

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