Jun 04 2005

Staph, and so forth


There’s a new strain of staph, anti-biotic resistent. The homeless shelter, in particular, and Santa Cruz, in general, are crawling with it. One person told me they had it and took several courses of keflex and now they need a new liver. Another got it from a spider bite…they say. I may have it.

I’ve been told if the keflex doesn’t get it the alternative is bactrim, a sulfa drug, and I had an allergic reaction to sulfa drugs as a child. I have another medication for diabetes that I haven’t begun taking because both the keflex and it list diarrhea as the primary side-effect. And the keflex has caused me diarrhea that could be very problematic if I can’t find a toilet when I need one. I began the keflex last week after talking to Marcus (the ‘yard’ manager – I guess) and the fact that I’ve had severe reactions to virtually every pharmaceutical I’ve ever taken and these both list diarrhea as a side-effect, etc… I thought I could count on a place to sleep (with plumbing) until I got in the shelter.

It turns out not only is there no chance of a place for me to sleep Saturdays, but it looks like Mondays as well. I heard the gay parade is today, so that means it will probably be impossible to sleep anywhere in town – the cops will be running everyone out of everything about dark I suppose.

Getting a hotel room is out of the question. Not only have I already spent most of my money, which I got yesterday- paying bills such as the phone bill, $200 of which is an early disconnect penalty on the DSL that SBC will not forgive – but there probably aren’t any.

Maybe I’ll stay up all night. I brought my sign with me, the one that says “Medical Marijuana Patient Needs Home/$420-$500 per month maximum with my cell phone number and website address. But, best I can tell, the only one that looks at my site and/or my blog is my mother.

I spent an hour here at the library yesterday looking over my email and the news. I see Milton Friedman has an article in Forbes claiming marijuana prohibition is costing $7.7 billion dollars.

I’m on a list for a shelter. I could swear last week I was number 5 and this week I’m number 7. I’m told they have another list of court deals that get priority. I was afraid to ask.

So, it could be a month or longer that I’ll be ‘on the road’. You must constantly keep moving and that, along with the lack of privacy, are maddening.

You must leave the shelter by 10 am and not come back until 2:30 pm. And there are no buses on the weekends. But you must be there at 2:30 for any hope of sleeping with a church group. And even at that, you may be turned away. Up in the morning at 5 am, leave the church at 6, eat at the shelter at 8, leave at 10, 1/2 hour walk to town and back, or catch the bus at 1:45 pm when it runs to be back at the shelter by 2-2:30…and then wait for the bus to leave for the church.

The lack of privacy is beginning to get to me – to the point that I may put up a tent somewhere tonight, or I may not. Whatever I do, I must decide by 4 pm because the shelter closes at 5 pm and it will be impossible for me to get my sleeping bag and tent out of my locker after that.

But I’m told Santa Cruz is much better than a lot of other places, even with their ‘use a blanket go to jail’ law.

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