May 28 2005

Why I Do This

Posted by J. Craig Canada in dennis peron, Homeless, Medical Marijuana

I remember, nearly 10 years ago, sitting in Dennis Perons’ office. A reporter from the Chronicle was there and Dennis was the darling of the media…

…Dennis tried to interest the reporter in the plight of the poor, with me and my story as an example. But he wasn’t interested.

But the fact is most medical marijuana patients are poor – from hospital bills and illness and disablities and being robbed, as I have, by both sides of the law.

I hoped if people only knew, it would change. I certainly never knew, nor dreamed, how THE LAW AGAINST MARIJUANA can ruin someone’s life, forever.

What has happened to me is not an isolated incident. It’s happened nearly a million times over the last decade. And in many respects I am lucky – I haven’t spent more than a couple of months in jail.

I probably will have to sleep on the ground somewhere tonight. I’m barred from every possible housing by the Rehab Racket. There is only one Church Group on the weekends and I doubt I will be among the 15 or so that get to sleep on a Church floor rather than ‘camp’.

Maybe I’ll stay up all night. Renting a room is out of the question.

I have two medications I should be taking, one for an infection and one for diabetes – or pre-diabetes. The leaflet with the medication says it will reduce the amount of sugar my body makes and has a whole list of possible side-effects, lead by diarrhea.

So I haven’t been taking it.

I just got the 10-minute warning on the library computer, so I’ll close this brief entry.

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