Apr 16 2005

Well, Mr. James reads this

Posted by J. Craig Canada in brookdale, patrick james

Here is the email he sent me.

April 15, 2005

J. Craig Canada

P.O. Box 615

Brookdale, CA 95007-0615

RE: Rental Deposit


I can’t believe you left all your crap at my house, and then blame me on your pitiful website for not getting a truck up the hill. You could have parked downstairs, and moved the furniture DOWN the hill, like any reasonable person would have done.

I also can’t believe that you abandoned your cat that you have owned for 15 years. That was totally cruel and inhumane leaving the cat locked in the house with no food or water. If you truly cared about your cat and suspected that I took it to the “Humane” society, why didn’t you contact them to retrieve her before she was possibly killed? You are responsible for killing her, not me.

You are an unbelievably selfish person, who is not only cruel, but can’t even take responsibility for your own actions or the course of your life. You are truly pitiful.

Your crap has been dumped, except for the piece of shit desk that they wouldn’t take. Below is a breakdown of what you owe me:

Security Deposit received: $500.00

Less: Short-paid rent from 2/11/05 – 3/25/05 – 80.67

Late payment fees, per rental agreement -2,150.00

Unlawful Detainer filing fee -145.30

Summons serving fee – County of Santa Cruz -30.00

Envelopes -.90

Locksmith, since you didn’t return my key -141.48

Carpet cleaning, Hauling/Dumping, Cleaning -315.00

Total due: $2,363.35

As far parking below, you threatened not only me but Jane & Snickers not to do this on February 27th: http://www.palmspringsbum.com/patrick-james/email-27feb05-18_24pst-1of2.jpg

You threatened to call the highway patrol and put in writing that the neighbors would also call the highway patrol if I parked there.

And the rest of your letter is equally untrue and malicious.

Well, you’ve wrecked my life and killed my cat. I am homeless, destitute and completely alone.

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