Apr 14 2005

On the road

Posted by J. Craig Canada in brookdale, camping, motels

I rented a hotel room yesterday.

Spent about a week sleeping ‘out’. I came back to Brookdale to try to get my cat, but she either wasn’t there or wasn’t leaving. And in the process found someone who knew of a safe and dry place for us to sleep.

We spent a couple of days there in the rain.

I tried sleeping in the back of the station-wagon, but my legs begin to hurt after a couple of hours because I can’t stretch out. And you don’t really get rested sleeping in a car.

So, for the present I and my new-found friend have been squatting. I’ve been feeding both of us and I can’t keep that up.

I did find a place where I can afford a studio, but it’s subsidized housing and they want landlord references going back 7 years. I doubt they will ‘accept’ me. I spend the days asking myself what I’m going to do and trying to buy gas and food with the money I have.

We spent several days driving around looking for a place where we could camp for a few weeks, or a few months. But there is nothing we could find. I’m sure the locals know of places, and which signs can be ignored.

But the homeless aren’t really welcome here, and I guess they’re not welcome anywhere.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what medical marijuana has cost me, and if it was worth it. Well, as pitiful as it may seem I still have hope and I still make an effort every day…and that’s more than I was doing without it.

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