Apr 09 2005

Homeless in Santa Cruz

Posted by J. Craig Canada in brookdale, patrick james

I’ve been homeless since the 24th. Well, actually I’ve been homeless for a year now, being taken in by one after another well-meaning person who just wants me to move on…but now I’m really homeless. And it’s not pretty.

On the 24th I rented a truck to get the big stuff out, and had arranged with one of the firewood sellers to help me get it out, but I couldn’t get the truck up the hill. It kept sliding back down. Oh course, Mr. James knew this would happen. To get up that hill a truck has to be loaded and/or have 4-wheel drive, and have a small wheel-base. I was still packing what I could get in the Volvo at midnight. I drove all night to be in San Bernardino for the appeal hearing.

After the appeal hearing, having been up over twenty-four hours and driving all night, I had the brakes checked and discovered the car I had been given not only didn’t have any brakes, but the front rotors had been worn down so far before it was given to me that they didn’t grind.

I had rear pads put on and drove it back to San Francisco, where my friend put on new rotors and pads. And a muffler so it would pass smog. I spent two days waiting for the car to be fixed, three actually. So that was 3 more days staying in a hotel, away from the internet.

The cat wouldn’t leave. When she saw I was packing she wouldn’t let me get near her.

I went back a couple of days ago and called her. No response. I suppose Mr. James took her to the ‘humane’ society and she’s been put to sleep by now.

No word from Mr. James, but the unlawful detainer was dismissed so I was told by the court clerk.

Santa Cruz DOES NOT like the homeless. I spent all day and about $40 driving up the coast and down the coast looking for a place where I could park and sleep in the back of the wagon. Well, it is illegal to sleep in your car in Santa Cruz, and most of the surrounding area. And there are signs posted every 20 feet or so, “No parking after 10pm – 6 am. Tow away.”

The hotel rates in Santa Cruz also just went up, after spring break. I stayed in a hotel every other day for awhile, but couldn’t afford it anymore.

I have a sign on my car, “Medical Marijuana Patient needs home. Can afford $420-500”, my cell phone number and website. I think all it’s done is mark me as a pariah.

I really can’t say enough about Mr. James. I spent the time I had planned to spend putting my stuff in storage if I couldn’t find a place dealing with his unlawful detainer and his harassment. For instance, I spent 3 days going through a large trash-bag full of unopened mail to come up with enough medical expenses that I would qualify (be poor enough) for rural legal to talk to me. Quite frankly, I don’t see how anyone poor enough to qualify for their ‘services’ can afford an apartment…

Here are the emails and notices:

On the last page is quoted my original message to him, responding to his ad on Craig’s list. Here I send him my website address, so he knows exactly who I am and what I’m about.

  • Patrick James email – 09 Jan 05
    Patrick James replies to my email (quoted) where I provide the website of the Hayward Patients Resource Center (which has their telephone number) for a reference, and stating that they are open till 9 pm if he has any questions.
  • Patrick James email – 10 Jan 05, page 1
    Patrick James email – 10 Jan 05 10:56pst, page 1′; return escape(‘Patrick James email sending the rental agreement, and stating he left the key under the doormat and he would help me move in, and giving a number where I could reach him.
  • Patrick James email – 10 Jan 05, page 2
    Patrick James rental agreement, page 1, with the following non-standard items:

    1. …No illegal cultivation is allowed.
    2. Abandonment: Any goods, vehicles or property left on the premises after termination of the tenancy by any means shall be considered abandoned and disposed of as provided by statue.
    3. Tenant shall not violate any applicable local, state or federal law in or about the premises.
  • Patrick James email – 10 Jan 05, page 3
    Patrick James rental agreement, page 2, with the following non-standard item:

    1. Owner agrees to give tenant a written 60 day notice to terminate this agreement, unless tenant’s actions warrant legal action under the terms of this agreement.

After bringing home about 7 ounces of fresh shake some friends have given me, Mr. James gives me 60-days. While he doesn’t state a reason, it is clearly for ‘violating federal and state law’, and given the circumstances I’m convinced it was a set-up all along.

And the harassment begins. I was getting the garbage and recycling ready to take down the 5 or 6 flights of stairs to the lower parking when Patrick got home and, wisely it seems, I ran in my bedroom and locked the door.

  • Patrick James email – 13 Feb 05, page 1

    • He takes my trash, which I’d just put on the front porch in preparation to hauling it down the 5 or 6 flights of stairs (which I had slipped on and fallen down several days before) and puts it in front of my bedroom door.
    • Complains that I didn’t have time to fill the ice-trays before I ran and hid in my room.
    • Complains that doing the dishes isn’t enough (and he complained about the way I did them).
    • Complains about my cat who doesn’t get into food left on the counter like his two do, or break things like his two do.
    • Complains that I haven’t cleaned the bathroom.
    • Complains that I used the heat to keep the temperature in just my bedroom (forget the rest of the house) above 60 degrees farenheit.

    Quite frankly, after being lured up there and then given notice for being exactly who and what I said I was, I think he should be thanking me for doing anything at all.

  • Patrick James email – 13 Feb 05, page 2
    Patrick basically reads me the riot act for not being his maid after he screwed me over. He also mentions he spoke with Bonita and intends to have much more success than she did.
  • Patrick James email – 13 Feb 05, page 3
    Mr. James threatens me with a 3-day notice if I don’t allow him to boss me around as his maid.
  • Email to Patrick James – 13 Feb 05
    I respond to Patrick James’ email – that I had taken the recycling down and was waiting for the rain to stop to take the garbage down and sort the recycling into the can, that he came home early, interrupting me, and I went in my room and locked the door. I state he had probably cost me my job. I ask him to leave me in peace.
  • Patrick James email – 14 Feb 05, page 1
    Claims he never threatened me, implying that I therefore had no reason to avoid him and claims it didn’t rain the entire previous week and repeats that I have no reason to hide from him.
  • Patrick James email – 14 Feb 05, page 2

    • Claims he has never “confronted” me and that I am paranoid.
    • States that he doesn’t have a problem with what I do in my “spare” time and points out that it’s the first time I’ve mentioned my genealogy to him – as if it’s any of his business.
    • States he does have a problem with my claiming he may have cost me my job and insinuates that I’m not reporting something that I should – which he is wrong about.
    • He accuses me of working for an “underground” pot group and accuses me of “illegally” cultivating marijuana.
    • States he is glad I will be out by his deadline and quips that is quite legal
    • States that whether I have a nervous breakdown or not is “up to me”

  • Patrick James email – 14 Feb 05, page 3

    • Claims he has left me in peace
    • Claims that he will continue to leave me in peace so long as I comply with the written agreement, which is actually a threat that he will use it as an excuse to harass me
    • Threatens a 3-day notice and legal action
    • He tells me to “buy a vacuum” and states that no where in the rental agreement does it state I get to use his vacuum.
    • Then accuses me of “victim” nonsense.
  • Patrick James email – 14 Feb 05, page 4
    The remainder is a quote of his email of the 13th and my response
  • Patrick James email – 14 Feb 05

    • States “You are truly a worthless piece of shit.”
    • Claims I have nothing to offer society and asks what good I’ve ever done anybody.
    • States I deserve all the bad that comes to me.
    • Accuses me of being evicted from Morongo because I refused to pay rent, which is untrue – the documents are online here.
    • Accuses me of “targeting a woman I thought I could dominate”
    • “Accuses” me of being “a homo sexual”
    • Accuses me of being upset my mother lives across the country – actually, I’m glad she does.
    • Exhorts me to mention what I did to deserve what happened to me.
    • Assaults me again, stating I’m an asshole.
    • Claims doctors are giving me prescriptions and I’m not taking them and I should – none of which is true.
    • States that marijuana makes me a “bigger asshole”
    • And closes by saying “GET A JOB YOU WORTHLESS SCUMBAG”

  • Patrick James email – 16 Feb 05

    • Patrick James thanks me for promising to take down the trash and recycling next time.
    • Patrick James states where garbage and recycling should be left.

    This is in response to an email I sent which stated:

    • I was sore from the fall down the steps and the exertion of moving – everything had to be carried 100 yards or more down a goat path.
    • I add that I had a boil on my leg that burst a couple of days ago and hadn’t healed yet, and was still painful. I can’t walk when I get large boils on my legs.

  • Patrick James – 3-day Notice for marijuana.
    Patrick James posts a 3-day quit notice citing: Violation of personal conduct; violation of local, state and federal law, failure to feed and water cats – untrue, they ate my cats food.
  • Patrick James email – 26 Feb 05
    Patrick James responds to an email I sent stating I couldn’t tolerate his presence and, given those options were out and I had none other, asked him to use his AAA card to have it towed to his place. He responds:

    • Insulting him and then asking him to do me a favor is not cool
    • North County towing will pick the car up between 9:10 and 10:10 and the address where it will be towed
    • He states I will have to stand outside to wait for the tow truck

  • Patrick James email – 27 Feb 05, page 1
    Patrick James has started parking his truck in the lower parking, which means I have to park the Volvo in the upper parking which the Volvo will not navigate when it’s rainy. He couldn’t navigate it himself if he didn’t have an Avalanche. His response:

    • He is parked in the only legal private parking for his house.
    • I don’t have his permission to park in that space.
    • He states I am illegally inhabiting the premises and accuses me of telling him he’ll have to call the police because I won’t leave – which is totally untrue.
    • He called Snickers and Jessica and told them to tell me not to park my car in the lower parking, that he would tow it if his access was blocked and that he had called the Highway Patrol about it. (At that time, the Highway Patrol didn’t recognize Proposition 215 or SB 420 and would arrest medical marijuana patients.)
    • He tells me several more times not to “block his access”.

  • Patrick James email – 27 Feb 05, page 2
    Quoting of my email to which the previous page is a response, where I ask if he\’s going to continue to park his truck in the lower parking.


I hope Mr. James and his friends are very proud of themselves. Harassing me and throwing me out and stealing nearly everything I have while calling me a scumbag and telling me to get a job.

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