Apr 20 2005

…and it gets worse.

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Morongo Valley, unlawful detainer

This is the 1st chance I’ve had to check my email, and I found this:

From: “Bill Peterson” View Contact Details
To: “‘Craig Canada'” CC: bpeterson@icls.org
Subject: Appeal Decision
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 10:44:38 -0700


We received an unfavorable appeal decision, based on two issues: 1)
your admittance of once sharing a marijuana brownie with Bonita (this
demonstrated to the appeals court that the marijuana use was more than
medicinal and, therefore, not discriminatory) and 2) our failure to
furnish the court with the trial court evidence (which we thought the appeals
court would have). If we are to request a rehearing on this decision, we will
do it today. My question to you is: do you want to appeal this decision?

Please call me as soon as you receive this e-mail. I tried phoning you but
your line is disconnected.


It looks like, in spite of everything I could do over the past 10 years or so, they are going to make me a criminal or I will die in the street – they will kill me or put me in jail.

I have been maligned and exploited in every possible way. The ‘rent’ Mr. James is claiming I owe him is actually a $50/day penalty he’s assessing me because he alleges I didn’t water his cats….

…and as destitute as I am he can probably get a court ruling in his favor if he tries…and screw me over again, if I’m not dead by then.

– Bill Peterson just called and said they filed an appeal yesterday, so all hope is not lost. I will get a copy of the appeal and post it here as soon as I can.

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