Feb 01 2005

Looking for a home…again.

Posted by J. Craig Canada in brookdale, patrick james

The home I thought I’d found turned out to be a room for me to inhabit while I looked for somewhere else to live.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last month thinking about whether or not to write about what’s been going on with me. And the point of this blog was to do that, if anyone cared to read it. But I’ve been staying with friends since last July, when I was violently run out of my home for growing marijuana. And it could cause them problems if I say anything at all about them. And even though nothing seems to work out as anyone hoped and I’m still looking for a place to live, I do believe they tried to help – though the whole experience has been maddening.

Just when I thought I’d finally found a place, sharing a house in the Santa Cruz mountains, in the redwoods – a beautiful place – the rug is pulled out from under me yet again.

Last Monday my roommate, around 10 pm, said he needed to talk and then proceeded to tell me he’d been seeing a sheriff on the ‘low down’ and the sheriff had left his wife and children to be with him and would be moving in and I had to leave. And further that the sheriff couldn’t come here if there was more than an ounce in the house so I had to get all my medicine out!

I’m still a bit in shock from this.

This was the 4th move for me in 6 months. I spent $500 for a truck which I had to rent for 3 days because EVERYTHING had to be carried down a 50 foot goat path. And I just got the DSL working. And I’d just begun to think about relaxing and doing something other than move.

I got the listing from Craig’s list. Sent an email with my website address saying he could tell something about me from my website. He told me he and everyone around was very supportive. I thought things were going really well. And now this!!!

I have until March 25th to be out, which, coincidentally is about when the appeal will be heard in Canada vs. Millard.

This is really devastating and I’ve been really fighting for the will to continue.

This war on cannabis patients has cost me everything, and despite everything I can do it looks like it will have made me homeless and indigent.

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