Sep 16 2016

Scott Imler, co-author of Prop. 215, on California’s Prop. 64 to ‘Legalize’ Marijuana

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Back Row (left to right): Rudy Selecta, Kyle Channel, Pat Malo, Scott Imler, Elijah Crowell, J. Craig Canada
Front Row (left to right): Buddy Duzy, Lanette Davies, John Entwistle, Dennis Peron, Michael Jolson, Linda Schargetter-Santos

Scott Tracy Imler, 16 Sep 2016

I appreciate your perspective Ryan and agree that reducing the obnoxious impact of prohibition on real people’s lives matters and the sooner the better.

I also agree that cannabis is not carrots or tomatoes but it’s worth noting that the FDA regulates the flow rate of ketchup and tomato sauce, so it’s silly to think that marijuana would be completely unregulated for commercial distribution in America.

As I see it the problem is expecting a reasonable solution to come from the very powers and principalities who created the problem in the first place.

Any real progress has to start at the beginning, with Findings and Declarations that clearly name the evil. We can forgive the evil-doers with grace and understanding but we still have to name the wrong clearly before we can forgive it and in order to correct it.

Power is not given or allowed in this world, it is taken by those who are entitled to it, when they stand and demand that they will no longer accept their own abuse and oppression by others. Your secret knowledge of “behind the curtain” realities as the ultimate truth behind our “delusions of grandeur ” is condescending and misinformed.

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Mar 21 2016

Anti-AUMA and Anti-MMRSA Rally in Sacramento, Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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A message from Letitia Pepper:

Pro-cannabis, pro-medical marijuana people are coming from SF, LA, San Diego, Sacramento and the Inland Empire to a Rally Against AUMA and the MMRSA on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

Martin Shkreli would approve of AUMAMartin Shkreli would approve of AUMA

This rally is being co-sponsored by several groups, including Patient Advocacy Network, Axis of Love, and Crusaders for Patients’ Rights, and monetary support for transportation and food for impoverished patients is being donated by the many growers who have supported us through the decades.

To add your name to the list of co-sponsors, or to donate money for food and transportation, please contact any of the people cc’d above, Shona from Axis of Love, Dege from Patient Advocacy Network, Lanette from Crusaders for Patients’ Rights, or me, Letitia Pepper, from Crusaders, too.

The traitorous “normal” suspects — ASA, NORML, DPA, MAPP, MPP, LEAP,etc — won’t be using their mailing lists to get people to show up, so info about this event will be via word of mouth/social media.  So please share the hell out of this on social media.

Pissed off people can show up with signs against MMRSA and AUMA on Tuesday, March 29, in front of the Sheraton Hotel in Sacramento, 1230 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814.  Ditto signs against the state Legislature who created unconstitutional MMRSA.

Time to show up: anytime between 7:30 am and 6 pm.  But try to be there by 11 to make a good crowd for the press release.  There will be lots of handouts and anti-AUMA stickers to wear, too.

Bring signs with slogans like “Defend Prop. 215,” “Defend Patients’ Right to Medical Marijuana,”  “Marijuana Heals, Shawn Parker Steals,” etc.

Anti-NORML, anti-ASA, anti-MAPP, etc. signs would be welcome as far as I, Letitia Pepper, am concerned.  I am offering a $50 prize for my three favorite protest signs

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Jan 16 2016

On “adult” vs. “recreational” marijuana

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Every time you say “adult” marijuana rather than “recreational”, you impugn medical patients.

That is what the campaign to use “adult” rather than “recreational” is all about, to impugn medical patients.

Whether that’s what you intend or not, that’s what people will hear.

And virtually none of them are aware of (much less immune to) the constant subliminal suggestions that shade the difference between “adult” vs. “recreational” when used to distinguish from “medical”.

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Mar 20 2015

Los Angeles Legalization Roundtable


Oppose Centralization of Control Over Plants

marijuana_legalize-not-monopolizeThe following discussion came in my email and I decided it was interesting enough to format it and publish it.

From: Bruce Margolin
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2015 12:44 PM
Subject: LA Legalization Roundtable 3/21: RSVP

The first Legalization Roundtable meeting in Hollywood was a success. Approximately 70 professionals — growers, dispensers, clinic owners, doctors and local leaders — joined together to provide input on the 2016 initiative.

As momentum for legalization builds across the state, the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, ReformCA and LANORML ask you to join us to continue the discussion on the important issues at play in the initiative.

March 21, 2015 at 10am – 2pm

8749 Holloway Dr
West Hollywood, CA 90069
United States

Read more and RSVP at:

From: Donna Lambert
To: Letitia Pepper
Cc: Bruce Margolin ; SFBay Cannabis Community ; Global ; Save Cannabis
Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2015 9:01 AM
Subject: Re: LA Legalization Roundtable 3/21: RSVP

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